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De Engelse Oxleys. Traditioneel Brits buitenmeubilair. Heel sterk gebouwd en kwalitatief. Kom de authentieke kleur en zitcomfort ervaren in onze showroom.

Ze produceren hun kwalitatieve aluminium meubelen in hun Cotswold fabriek sinds 1991. Enkel materialen van de hoogste kwaliteit worden gebruikt bij de productie van Oxleys. Bij het gieten van de aluminium gebruiken ze nog steeds de origineel ontworpen mallen. Zo behouden ze hun klassieke en originele ontwerp zonder kwaliteit te verliezen.

De collecties doen ons steeds denken aan oud-romeinse meubelen.

Annik Hollebeke | Zaakvoerster

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The Story | Oxleys

“The story of Oxley’s is similar the that of many other businesses. It starts with an idea, a great deal of energy, family support and luck.

It’s 1987 and a group of friends walking in an English country park stop to admire the view. Attention turns to the bench on which they are sitting. It’s solid iron, comfortable and perfect for its surrounds, and looks as if it has been there forever. The commemorative plaque reveals its only been there for 116 years but its obvious that it will outlive them all. A discussion ensues about how good it would be to revert to making things to last and how much this would benefit the environment.

Research is undertaken, courage is gathered, a site in the Cotswolds is found, renovated and two years later Oxley’s starts business with the idea of reviving the English tradition of making fine outdoor metal furniture.
Nearly 30 years later Oxley’s furniture can be found in the most wonderful locations around the world.

We continue to make our furniture in the Cotswolds, an area of England famed for its unspoilt natural beauty. Starting from renovated farm buildings to a much larger set of renovated farm buildings but still enjoying the best views from a factory it’s possible to imagine.

We are Simon and Ginny, two of those friends on that walk all those years ago and we have been running our business and living our lives together ever since. We know that we can make today as our forefathers did, outdoor furniture that can be handed down from generation to generation.”

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